Christina Richter

Registered Clinical Dental Technician, Denturetech

DipDentTech Germany (1997), DipClinDentTech Otago

Christina Richter

Christina approached DentureTech whilst on a working holiday from Germany requesting a part-time job, and never left. Five years since then Christina has become a highly valued team member to DentureTech’s technical team. Christina has a technical mind and is a key person for DentureTech’s complex cases. Christina enjoys applying her knowledge and ideas to these types of situations. Christina mainly works in the Albany clinic and two days per week works in the laboratory in DentureTech’s Orewa clinic.

Christina graduated from the University of Otago as a Clinical Dental Technician in 2013. She is looking forward to working with patients and being a part of their new denture journey.

As an avid indoor rock climber, Christina enjoys the thrill of a climb and the challenge of getting to the top of the wall no matter what obstacles pop up along the way. Christina also wants to explore of New Zealand’s fantastic tramping trails and enjoys road running.