Chris Pine

Managing Director, Denturetech

CertDentTech CIT, Advcert CDentTech

Registered Clinical Dental Technician – Advanced Certificate Implant Scope of Practice

Chris Pine

Chris undertakes many roles at DentureTech. As well as being Managing Director, Chris is also DentureTech’s senior clinician and one of only a few clinicians in New Zealand that holds an Implant Scope of Practice. Chris is also a qualified BPS lecturer and has taught both nationally and internationally.

As an extremely motivated person Chris carries his enthusiasm for his work through to his patients. Chris takes care and time to ensure each appointment and detail is executed with care and finesse.

Chris’ wife Vicki and daughter Monique are also actively involved in the company, truly making DentureTech a family business.

Chris completed a three year business development course run by ESP, and ever since DentureTech has gone from strength to strength.

When asked about his vision for the future of DentureTech, Chris describes his desire to see DentureTech evolve into a Clinical Dental Laboratory that is recognised worldwide for producing the very best dental prophesises. As evidence of this goal, DentureTech was awarded second in the Best Presented Clinic competition at the 20th Biennial Conference held in Australia.

In 2016, Chris created The Chris Pine Foundation as a way of giving dentures to those in the community that otherwise couldn't afford them. This has been a vision for Chris for many years. He enjoys helping those that need it and changing their lives through great dentures. You can read more about his foundation here. 

Chris is an avid fitness enthusiast, be it cycling, skiing, tramping, running, attending cross-fit sessions; he enjoys the physical and mental challenges that each discipline gives him.