EuroStyle™ - Full Dentures

EuroStyle™ is the worlds first gender specific Denture for ladies.

Development started over 15 years ago, with clinical research and world wide studies for products and techniques that would measure up to DentureTech’s high standards.

In recent years dentistry has advanced both technically and clinically. These changes have enabled us to produce a denture that is equipped with the latest techniques and has the research to support it.

EuroStyle has been inspired by the latest fashion trends from Paris to Milan to give you a natural yet stylish look.

During the development process of your EuroStyle Denture, your clinician will work hard to ensure each tooth is exactly the way you want it and that the fit is comfortable and functional.

Your EuroStyle is hand crafted by highly skilled and trained Registered Dental Technicians who are all dedicated to producing the highest quality denture. You will feel great wearing your EuroStyle in any situation, be it a girls’ day out shopping trip or the more sophisticated environment of a corporate boardroom. You will have confidence in any situation.


  • Clear base technology to give superior fit and allow natural gum colour to show through.
  • Hand crafted teeth imported from Europe.
  • Tooth by tooth analysis with your Clinician to ensure your new look is exactly what you desire.
  • Gingival staining to give a natural gum line.
  • Digital imagery to help record your dimensions.

How your EuroStyle is made

Seven appointments will be needed:

  • Your Initial consultation, Primary Impressions will be taken. 
  • Custom made trays used to take secondary impressions. A “before” photo is also taken at this appointment. 
  • Your Bite is measured and Facebow is taken. 
  • First Try In. This is where the teeth are set in wax. Characterisation is discussed at this point. 
  • Second Try In. The teeth have now been characterised and staining has been applied. 
  • First finish. Bite is re-measured and after photos are taken. 
  • Final finish. 

Comprehensive Guarantee

Your EuroStyle comes with a comprehensive guarantee of two years.

We guarantee your new EuroStyle :

  • Will fit you correctly at the time of insertion.
  • Will look aesthetically pleasing as per your specifications.
  • Any eases will be done free of charge.
  • Should your EuroStyle require any repair for reasons other than accidental, this will be completed free of charge within the guarantee period.
  • The validity of this guarantee depends on you keeping your annual Continuing Care Appointments.


Get more information

For further information about how EuroStyle can work for you, the procedure involved and ongoing care make a complimentary consultation by clicking here and talk to one of our expert team members. Or click here to find out what our patients say about EuroStyle.


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