Delivered as promised

Hi DentureTech Albany,


Two months on since I had my full upper denture, you might be wondering why I have not come back  for easing.

Simply because my denture fits perfectly well.


I can  bite on  food and chew as if my denture  was  my natural teeth;  and this all happened within  the first 30 days.


On the overall, my journey to getting my  new denture was smooth and easy and a very pleasant  experience.

During my first visit, all my fears about having a new  denture were all gone thanks to the assurance given to me by Roger,

that  with his many years of experience and the high  standards set by DentureTech, nothing could possibly go wrong.


And Roger  delivered as promised.


Many thanks to you DentureTech, specifically to Roger,  for giving me a beautiful smile - G.S - North Shore 


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DentureTech are proud to offer a wide selection of dentures to their patients. We have designed two ranges of denture with all budgets and requirements in mind.


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Partial dentures are used to replace one or several missing teeth. If you have your natural teeth, than a partial denture maybe the answer for you.