Partial Dentures - Metal

Chrome Partial Dentures

Chrome partial dentures are constructed using one of the dental industry's most reliable alloys, chrome cobalt.

A chrome frame is constructed around your remaining teeth, with the artificial teeth being closely matched to your existing shade and shape. Chrome partial dentures are comfortable to wear, very strong and generally last considerably longer than an acrylic partial, therefore providing better long term value for money.

Titanium Partial Dentures

Titanium is a unique resource used in aerospace technology, orthopaedic surgery and now dentistry. Titanium represents the ultimate in lightweight dental technology. A Titanium partial is an incredible 400% lighter than conventional dental materials, and is described by many patients as "weightless". In addition, Titanium partial dentures exhibit superior biocompatibility for those who are sensitive to conventional alloys such as chrome. Titanium also displays a superior strength to weight ratio.

How Do You Decide?

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