Your First Denture

What to know about dentures

The removal of your natural teeth, and fitting of your first denture will require many decisions. At DentureTech we aim to make this transition as easy as possible. Working in conjunction with your Dentist or Oral Surgeon, we will provide you with as much information and support as necessary.

There are four options available for you to consider:

1. Immediate Denture:
An immediate denture is fitted by your Dentist at the time of the extraction of your natural teeth. Your denture is therefore made before your teeth are removed.

2. Delayed Immediate Denture:
We begin making the denture after the teeth are removed, normally 7 or 8 days post extraction.

3. Transitional Denture:
These are dentures that are initially made as a partial denture, then when the remaining natural teeth are extracted further artificial teeth are added.

4. Conventional Denture:
Made 4-6 months after your extractions. The delay is to allow time for your gums to stop shrinking, and results in a better fitting first denture.

Gum Shrinkage & Temporary Liners:

When your teeth are extracted it is normal to have stitches. If an immediate denture is fitted this will help control bleeding and swelling of the gums.

As swelling reduces your gums will start to shrink and your dentures will become loose. This is when we would recommend a temporary liner.

A temporary liner tightens the denture up again and as the name suggests, is a temporary measure until we reach a stage where we feel that a more permanent option is appropriate. You may need 2 or 3 temporary liners over the first 4-6 months.

Once we are confident that most of the shrinkage has occurred, we will either recommend a permanent reline, or replacement of the denture.

Your first denture

The removal of your natural teeth, and fitting of your first denture will require many decisions. At DentureTech we aim to make this transition as easy as possible.

Reline vs New Denture:

The majority of gum shrinkage will occur in the first six months after extraction, resulting in a denture that is loose in your mouth. It is then time to either reline, ie. put in a new permanent fitting surface, or replace them with a new conventional denture.

Relining involves processing a new fitting surface into the denture which makes the denture fit properly. It does not change the bite or the appearance of the denture.

If you would like to change the appearance of your denture, you may wish to consider replacing it. We have many types of conventional dentures available, and will be happy to discuss these with you. See Also "Denture Selection".

Making the decisions:

DentureTech have been servicing satisfied customers for over 20 years, and we have made hundreds of successful immediate dentures during this time. Together with your Dentist or Oral Surgeon we will be able to guide you in the decision making process.

The decision to have an immediate denture is an important one, but will result in a better personal appearance and oral hygiene.

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DentureTech are proud to offer a wide selection of dentures to their patients. We have designed two ranges of denture with all budgets and requirements in mind.


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Partial dentures are used to replace one or several missing teeth. If you have your natural teeth, than a partial denture maybe the answer for you.