Hear what customers have to say

Hear what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with Denturetech and the transformation from problem teeth. Having a dental issue can cause pain and discomfort but it can also make you feel down and out, these testimonials are from customers who have had similar feelings to what you may be experiencing.


Delivered as promised

Hi DentureTech Albany,   Two months on since I had my full upper denture, you might be wondering why I have not come back  for easing. Simply because my... Read more

Confidence to smile again

I would like to thank Chris and the fantastic DentureTech team for providing me with the confidence to smile once more.    I had a full upper immediate denture... Read more

No problem in asking for a couple of sirloin steaks

Just a quick message to let you know that on my way home on Friday I stopped off at the butchers and no problem in asking for a couple of sirloin steaks – L.C
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Smiling constantly

Thank you so much for such a good job. I'm smiling constantly now without covering my mouth, and after months of doing that, believe me it's just great! Thanks again – J.R
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Eyes, ears and nostrils feel different

I wish to thank you for the beautiful teeth you have made for me. I'm 89 years old and you have made my smile like it was when I was 20 – M.S.
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Absolutely thrilled with the denture

I have been absolutely thrilled with the denture I have received from DentureTech. Since the day I received my new teeth I have not had a single moment of trouble with them – A.R.
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Bite, chew, smile and laugh

I would like to thank DentureTech for the work they carried out on my dentures. I presented Chris with what I felt was a difficult case – I.G.
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A class above the rest

I have worn dentures for 40 years and the ones recently created for me by Denturetech are by far a class much higher than any I have... Read more

Extremely comfortable, fits perfectly

Would you please pass on my thanks to the team for a beautiful denture. It is extremely comfortable, fits perfectly and looks completely natural – J.H.
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Lights up my face

When I chose to have a EuroStyle denture, two things about it appealed to me. One, everything that goes into the making of the denture is designed... Read more

For kiwi blokes like me

My wife and I have had several sets of dentures from DentureTech over the years. Each time we go back to DentureTech they just get better and... Read more

New lease of life

Thank you for giving me a new lease of life - my new teeth are perfect. I no longer go around with a mouth full of china, or dash to the hand basin to rid my mouth of the remains of a meal – M.M
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A fantastic nights sleep!

" My partner Richard revieved a Freedom MRD to help with his snoring. What a fantastic nights sleep we both had from night one! I actually had... Read more

One happy customer

I was having so many problems with my lower denture; moving, falling out, rubbing and ulcers. I was in pain all the time and upset at the... Read more

Delivered promises 100%

Hi Denture Tech, Would you please pass on my very warm THANKS to the team for a beautiful denture! I have used dentures for 35 years and never... Read more


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DentureTech are proud to offer a wide selection of dentures to their patients. We have designed two ranges of denture with all budgets and requirements in mind.


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Partial dentures are used to replace one or several missing teeth. If you have your natural teeth, than a partial denture maybe the answer for you.