DentureMax Pure™ - Full Dentures

What is DentureMax Pure™ - Full Denture?

DentureMax Pure™ is more than just a denture.

It is an expression of your personal taste, freedom and lifestyle.

The DentureMax Pure is the result of a demand for a high quality denture that pushes the boundaries of technology in the pursuit of excellence.

The DentureMax Pure offers a unique team approach to the development of your denture. Each step is to ensure that you are getting a denture completely customised to you and your needs. It is all these extras that make the DentureMax Pure really something special.

However, the most important extra is time. For it is only by taking the utmost time and care during the consultation, planning and processing phases that is is possible to create a denture that is tailor made to all your requirements - right down to the finest detail. It is something unique, with its own unique character. A denture which is as unique as you.



Denturetech specialize in extraordinary dentures

Introducing the DentureMax Pure™ 

Your smile is the light in the window, telling people that you are home.

Your smile is the first thing people notice, and when you are confident about your smile it not only lights up your face but you glow from within.

The DentureMax Pure has been designed so you can proudly show off your finest attribute - your smile. The hand characterised teeth, imported from Italy are ergonomically designed to enhance your bite and function. Clear bases on the upper and lower reflect your own gum colour to give you a more natural look. The highest quality technology and equipment are incorporated in making the DentureMax Pure including articulators, clinometer's and Facebows. When these three pieces of technology are used together they simulate your jaws and their movement enabling us to ensure the DentureMax Pure performs at its finest. Finally, the most unique benefit about the DentureMax Pure is the team approach. A team of experts will be commissioned to create your denture. Each team member is an expert within their field to ensure that the DentureMax Pure performs in function as well as being stunning.


Your team of experts

United in their dedication to making you a stunning denture.

Your team who will be crafting your DentureMax Pure, have spent many years perfecting their skills and techniques so you can have the perfect smile.

Your team will consult with you during the development of your DentureMax Pure in their specialised field. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience into the clinic.

Consisting of your Clinical Dental Technician, who is at the height of their career and expertise. DentureTech's head dental technician who controls the fabrication of your denture. DentureTech's head creative prosthetic technician who ensures the aesthetics of your denture are to the highest quality. Finally, your personal liaison manager who takes care of all your appointments and will answer any questions you may have.

Your team at DentureTech are passionately committed to you and to creating your DentureMax Pure.

If you would like to arrange your complimentary consultation with one of our clinican's to discuss how the DentureMax Pure can give you the ultimate results, click here.


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