Repairs & Relines


We understand that accidents do happen. DentureTech are able to repair your broken denture. Contact DentureTech as soon as the breakage happens so we can organise your repair as soon as possible. Call 0800 822 500.

Emergancy repairs - if you require a repair outside normal working hours, please call us on 0800 822 500 as soon as possible. We have a technician on-call most weekends. 


Relines are part of normal denture maintenance and are important to the health of the oral tissue and bone support of a denture wearer. A reline can restore suction, comfort, stability and can help food from lodging under the denture.

A Reline is a procedure used to re-fit the surface of a denture to a person's gum. This is achieved by placing a new acrylic lining into the denture, duplicating the new shape of the mouth.

If you wish you learn more about Relines please call 0800 822 500 or click here to make an appointment.