Monique Teterin

Marketing and Events Coordinator, Denturetech

Diploma in Management (Marketing)

Monique Teterin

As the daughter of Chris and Vicki, Monique has been involved with DentureTech all her life. Monique’s main role is to create advertising campaigns for DentureTech, choose the different media to run the campaign and then monitor the results. She also undertakes website development and runs DentureTech’s very successful referral program.

Having exceptional organisational skills, Monique also coordinates all events and functions for DentureTech. From new product launches, trade shows to social club fun nights, Monique executes these functions with ease.

Monique is passionate about fintess and is an active "crossfitter".From cardio workouts, olympic weightlifting through to gymnastics - Monique really enjoys the challange of Crossfit. 

Monique is also a passionate horsewoman and has taught riding in New Zealand and in America. Monique lives in Orewa with her Russian husband Rob, their son Maxim (pronounced Max-eem) and their dog Benji the Schnauzer.