Silent Night ® - Guaranteed reduction in snoring*

Silent Night

How to stop snoring?

There are many unproven remedies available for snoring, and chances are that if you are reading this page – then you are one of the thousands of Aucklanders’ who have unsuccessfully tried some of these alternatives.

Whether you snore or your partner snores, you know the stress it can cause on your life. From a poor nights sleep due to disturbances, social implications like being too embarrassed to go camping or travelling long haul, through to relationship issues with your partner – snoring can wreak havoc on your life.

Until now!

Silent Night ®

DentureTech are very proud to offer the latest in an inter-oral “anti-snoring” device that can achieve a 90% reduction in snoring and up to a 50% reduction in sleep apnoea**.

Silent Night  , was designed and developed in Australia due to a demand for a comfortable yet highly effective inter-oral device. DentureTech’s Clinicians and Technicians have received specialist training direct from the creator and are thrilled to be one of the few clinic’s in New Zealand that offer this new device.


What is Silent Night ®? How can it reduce snoring?


Silent Night is a 3 dimensional adjustable snoring device that is also appropriate for treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea*.  The device consists of two thin forms that are custom made to fit around your upper and lower teeth. They are joined together by specially engineered “wings” to gently bring your lower jaw forward. In this position, the airway space is increased so that air velocity reduces and with it snoring, caused by soft tissue vibration.

* Use as directed - Terms and conditions apply.
**Diagnosis must be made by qualified Sleep Physician to be a medical diagnosis


What are customers say about Silent Night ®

What a fantastic nights sleep!!!
" My partner Richard revieved a Silent Night to help with his snoring. What a fantastic nights sleep we both had from night one! I actually had to poke him to make sure he was still breathing. I found it hard to adjust to it being so quiet - what a dilemma! Silent Night has been a relationship saver. Richard has mentioned on several occasions how comfortable the appliance is and how when he wakes in the morning he feels far more refreshed after a better nights sleep. All in all this must be a win-win. I love it. Thanks again, a very grateful and well rested partner - Lisa.K"


Don’t let snoring disrupt your life anymore, the Silent Night is helping thousands of individuals and couples to rid snoring from their lives.  Click here to make a complimentary consultation or call 0800 822 500 for more information.

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