What Are Partial Dentures?

A Partial Denture is a denture where the customer has a few missing teeth, and a few natural teeth remaining. It's a denture that fills the gaps in their smile.

How to determine the best Partial Denture?

When it comes to partial dentures there are many different types to choose from. Options include acrylic or plastic types through to different types of metal partial dentures. We even offer a flexible nylon based partial denture sometimes referred to as Valplast. This is why we recommend a consultation. At this free appointment we would have a chat with the customer and learn what they want from a partial denture. Then we would be able to make a couple of recommendations based on their needs and budget. If that sounds like what you are after, give us a call today. 

Do you have a missing tooth or a couple of missing teeth? Are there options when it comes to partial dentures?

When it comes to partial dentures there are many options to choose from. These include acrylic or plastic partial dentures through to many types of metal and alloy partial dentures. DentureTech even offers a flexible partial denture made out of nylon material sometimes known as Valplast. Also the number of missing teeth is also a considering factor when it comes to choosing the right partial denture for you. So if you are wanting to learn about your options when it comes to partial dentures, give us a call today to arrange your free consultation.


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DentureTech are proud to offer a wide selection of dentures to their patients. We have designed two ranges of denture with all budgets and requirements in mind.


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Partial dentures are used to replace one or several missing teeth. If you have your natural teeth, than a partial denture maybe the answer for you.