How do I know it is time for a new denture?

Most dentures will function satisfactorily for 7-10 years if checked and adjusted at least annually. During this time it may be necessary to “reline” a denture, which involves processing in a new fitting surface to improve the fit, and “eases” may be necessary to ensure optimal comfort.

Artificial teeth are generally not as strong as natural teeth and will wear with age. The better the quality of the tooth, the longer the life expectancy. Worn artificial teeth cannot be fixed or rebuilt. If your denture is worn to the point where is it interfering with function you will need to replace it.

From an oral health perspective it is also necessary to replace your denture every 7-10 years. Bacteria builds up even in the most carefully cleaned denture. It is also important to have an oral examination annually, even if you have no natural teeth of your own. The incidence of oral cancer rivals cervical and skin cancer and denture wearers must be vigilant.

If you experience any of the following it may be time for a new denture:

  • Difficulty eating with your denture
  • Cheek biting
  • Speech difficulties
  • Red or inflamed tissues
  • Clicking noises
  • Discomfort when wearing your denture
  • Cracked corners of your mouth

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